• Look at the amazing diagrams in:  The Anatomy of a Honey Bee by R.E. Snodgrass, 1910  For the lover of honey bees, as well as budding entomologists, this is an amazing out-of-print book containing sketches of dissections of honey bees.  




  • Investigate making your own "backyard pollinator garden" of recycled materials--outgrown rubber boots, an old, brightly colored purse, a colorful basket, bucket or other fun, recycled items hanging on a fence or shed filled with potting soil and a bright flower to feed a butterfly or bee passing through.  Make sure to poke drainage holes in the bottom of the container, and water daily. 


  • Make or buy a mason bee hotel for those orchard and garden pollinators who work hard and deserve a handy place to build a nest.  Then watch as she moves in and makes a cozy place for the babies that will hatch later.  We sell the standard Mason Bee Nest Kits for $9.00 (plus postage/tax). (They measure 6 1/2" long and 3 1/2" in diameter.)  Large hotels and fancier ones are available at http://www.kinsmangarden.com.